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Grands of the Truth

Grand Savior Malica Farren

A female dwarf known to bring vibrant health and tirelessness to those around her

Eye of Contempt Zax N. Ewton

A male gnome that goes by Sir Eye Zax N. Ewton.

Grand Beacon Lyrandrar

A Half-elf that has not abandoned his Elven name, and stands by it while also avowing to the Truth. Many see this is a gross overstep, even & especially for a leader of an Order, and consider it heresy and treason. It’s too bad that he is also a Grand, which bolsters people’s worry and also their inability to act.

Lady Shield Trilina Kallador

A female gnome, a chef whose feasts stave off anyone’s hunger for months. See also, the wielder of the Cowardice balance, People#Soulwall.

Grand Fang Zada Killian

A female human. She holds the Fans of Deceit, and uses her powers of illusion to charm her foes. She is also apparently an extremely skilled assassin, but those skills have not been confirmed. It’s unsure if that boosts the legitimacy of the rumors or not.

Grand Director Audimar

A male human. A close friend to Grand King Reeve even prior to the King’s reign. He has the ability to write things into existence out of thin air. His spell runes are complex, powerful and unattainable by others.

Grand King Reeve

Both the leader of Order of Honesty, dubbed the Flesh of Honesty, and the King of Cradle. As leader of the Royal Order, he controls all of the workings of the Truth. As the King of Cradle, he controls the people.

Grand Marshall Ajax Kane

Known to never have broken his word. Wary of clickers.

Baron Spear Tavia Baenora

Foundation of Loyalty, the Grand Queen Imani Reeve

A female human, and Grand Queen. She can perform large-scale crowd control and support magic.

Grand Dagger Kathva Redlin

A female dwarf with a fierce sense of justice and no restraint to enforce it.

Master Craftsman Maximillian Flanagan

Many of Valor’s practitioners doubt his legitimacy, believing him to be an Order of Honesty plant. See also: Grand Grand

Bulwark of Vengeance, Sir Bulwark Albrek Strongforce.

A stalwart dwarf who will always lend a helping hand, and then some.


The Soulwall

An elf who wields the Towershield of Cowardice.

Grand Grand

A gnome who wields the Gloves of Valor.

Recently, the Order of Valor clashed with the Order of Honesty and Grand King Reeve over some strict regulations & handling of the people. The Order of Valor’s Grand, a gnome by the name of Grand Grand, tolerated Grand King Reeve at best, and had enough. Shortly thereafter, an assassination attempt was carried out on Grand Grand. It failed, and the result was significant collateral damage. Grand Grand was labelled an exile, a traitor to Cradle, and Truthless.