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The Unavowed

A bunch of radicals.

The Truth

See The Truth.

The Dawnriders

The Dawnriders are a group of old campaigners that ride a set of unique mounts. After a feud that resulted in their disbanding, Grand King Reeve managed to bring them back together to assist in his Campaign of Unified Truth. It was a wild success, but all the Dawnriders except one went into hiding directly afterwards. The identities of the hiding Dawnriders is unknown. The only Dawnrider to remain is Grand Marshal Ajax Kane.. While the identity of the other Dawnriders remain unconfirmed rumors, their respective mounts are known. They ride the Last Dragon, a Phoenix Roc, a Griffin, a Clicker, and a Displacer Beast.

The Fleetstep

The Fleetstep are a clandestine society that protects the world from unseen evils. Or so the rumors go. The rumors most often reference the Fleetstep as a sparse group of Elves that can be identified by their Fleetstep Laces. However, little is said about what Fleetstep Laces actually are, and the origins of these rumors are nebulous at best. A group of Elves fighting for the good of people seems a bit of a stretch, anyway. There is no present day proof of their existence, but they are assumed to exist. The origin of their existence is equally unclear.

The Umbran

When Grand King Reeve returned from his campaign and overthrew the King, a lot of other important people died in the process. Their deaths always came at just the right times for Reeve’s plan to be successful. Everyone is certain that the Umbran were involved in some capacity. They are a small group of assassins that are not beholden to any nation. Because of this rogue status, their exploits are either never heard about or never undertaken, to ensure they do not become targets for the actual players. Given their small size and sharp efficacy, people assume that their members are high-ranking individuals.

The Fulcrum

A black market organization that operates within Cradle. They undertake and facilitate anything deemed illegal. This means magical dealings, and trade involving relics and spells that should not be dabbled with. They are not known to have any specific leader. A lot is known about the organization, which makes their continued existence an oddity. It is known that if you wish to discuss something with a Fulcrum purveyor, you should ask any shady street dealer for a deal or barter “that involves the scale.”

The Truthless

Not everyone avows themselves to the Truth. Truthless is the name given to those who openly reject the Truth, such as Celn. Truthless is also a cult of people actively opposing expansion of the Truth. Rumors around the Cradle’s underground is that they have recently begun plotting something fiendish! Oh no! Being part of this Truthless Cult is also illegal per the church of Truth. Its weight is similar to that of treason.

Cities that disavow from the Truth are not necessarily part of the cult. That is why accusations of allegiance to the cult are often used as excuses to wage war or incarcerate individuals.

The Wildcards

Drow exist in Gahal. They are an enigmatic race, similar to Undine in their isolation. Their capital has not been found, if it exists at all. Their motivations aren't understood, except for their allegiance with the Elves.

The half-races remain a wildcard in society. Their allegiances are always in question. Some Half-orcs support Cradle, and others the Orcs. Some Half-elves support Cradle, and others the Elves. Their allegiances are often noted by their names, depending which heritage they pay respect to.

Dragonborn are a race of myth and legend. Similar to the Undine, except none have been seen in recent history. In ancient history, their existence is noted by fables. Supposedly a race of fierce warriors and unyielding spirituality, they found their downfall in the first clash with the Truth. The Dragonborn were hunted to extinction.

The newest half-race to disturb Gahaln allegiances are the Tiefling. A society of humans was struck by a calamity, fusing them with demons and granting them magical powers. The Truth has deemed Tieflings illegal.