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The majority of today’s Grands reside within Galeria. The 14 Balance and their Grand are listed below, along with vague, potentially incorrect, information about their abilities. A Grand is the wielder who is bonded to one of the Balance. The bonded user can make the item disappear, seemingly taking it into them, causing the Grand to gain a new set of abilities, and altering their physique, such as glowing, increasing in size, etc.

The Aethermute

Balances of Truth

Balance of Compassion

The Scythe of Compassion, wielded by Grand Savior Malica Farren, a female dwarf. Her confirmed abilities are rapid proximity healing and rapid close range decay.

Balance of Contempt

Not much is known about the Balance of Contempt. Thousands of years ago it was recorded to be a greathammer.

Balance of Corruption

The Blade of Corruption, wielded by a male Half-elf, Grand Beacon Lyrandrar. A katana that leaks black undeath, which later gives rise to burgeoning life on the land it’s defiled. He can pierce the ground with his blade to evaporate Calamities and their effects. Alas, only while they are in progress or freshly activated.

Balance of Cowardice

The Towershield of Cowardice, wielded by a male elf, the Soulwall. The shield can form massive protective barriers. During a large clash during the Campaign of Unified Truth, the shield showed it was able to consume souls. In the process, it created a rift between the material plane and the astral plane, resulting in the Bridge of Lost Souls.

Balance of Deceit

The Balance of Deceit is wielded by a female human, Grand Fang Zada Killian. She holds the Fans of Deceit, and uses her powers of illusion to charm her foes. She is also apparently an extremely skilled assassin, but those skills have not been confirmed. It’s unsure if that boosts the legitimacy of the rumors or not.

Balance of Diligence

The Quill of Diligence, wielded by Grand Director Audimar, a male human. He has the ability to write things into existence out of thin air. His spell runes are complex, powerful and unattainable by others.

Balance of Honesty

The Armor of Honesty, wielded by Grand King Hemmet Reeve, a male human. He is impenetrable, immovable, and unstoppable.

Balance of Honor

The Greatsword of Honor, wielded by Grand Marshal Ajax Kane, a male human. He can create magically enforceable contracts between people. He has never broken his word, even through practically impossible circumstances.

Balance of Indifference

The previous wielder of the Balance of Indifference was killed off the coast of Sanct a hundred years ago. At the time, it was the Longbow of Indifference. The artifact has not been recovered since the Grand’s death.

Balance of Justice

The Glaive of Justice was last seen a couple hundred years ago. Its last depiction was as a four-bladed glaive that would sunder the environment. It is said to have created the Fangseer Delta. Its wielder is unknown.

Balance of Loyalty

The Staff of Loyalty, wielded by Grand Queen Imani Reeve, a female human. She can perform large-scale crowd control and support magic.

Balance of Treachery

The Balance of Treachery is an interesting one. Prior to Grand King Reeve’s reign, it was the Greatsword of Treachery. It is wielded by [[People#Treachery|Grand Dagger Kathva Redlin], a female dwarf.

Balance of Valor

The Gloves of Valor, they are wielded by a male gnome, [[People#Grand Grand|Grand Grand]. He gains extreme strength, and magically increases the area he can effect.

Balance of Vengeance

Not much is known about the Balance of Vengeance. Many thousands of years ago, it was recorded as a siege tower.