The Truth

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The Truth

The Truth is the knowledge of what happened during the Revoclysm. The knowledge that Gods are real, and we should fear them.

The Truth is also the name of the dominant “religion” in Galeria. The Church officially formed during the discovery of the Balance, when organization and structure was the difference between extinction and survival.

While 15 Gods appeared during the Revoclysm, the Truth only prays to 14 of them. For some reason, there is no written record of the 15th God’s name, and no Balance in their name. The 15th God’s existence is acknowledged, obviously. It's the Truth. But without a name, or tenets, it is impossible to pray to it such that one would be bestowed with divine powers.

The Church of Truth is made up for 14 Orders, one for each named God. Each order has a leader that is specially named by all members of that order. Each order has a leader, seen as patron saint to their order. A lot of these leaders are Grands, boosting their legitimacy as divinities. Below the leaders are priests and inquisitors. Each of which take on preachers and squires respectively. Commoners that pray to a specific order are called practitioners.

Each order plays a role in the organization and machinations of civilization. The roles they play have changed over time, with the following list showing the present day divisions.

Orders of Truth

Order of Compassion

The Order of Compassion is mainly responsible for providing aid to those struck by Calamities. They are the number one reason that people avow themselves to the Truth. The less mobile of Compassion’s forces stay in Cradle and focus on tending to the ill by operating Cradle’s medical centers.

Their Inquisitors are powerful healers, and few of the Orders seek conflict with them

The Order’s current leader is Grand Savior Malica Farren, known to bring vibrant health and tirelessness to those around her. The Balance of Compassion is the Scythe of Compassion.

Order of Contempt

The Order of Contempt deal with stopping and preventing criminal scum! They hand the criminals over to the Order of Justice after their trial with the Order of Treachery. Inquisitors of Contempt are detectives, and internal affairs. Their squires are policemen, and inspectors. The “your building is up to code” type of inspection. The Order’s loyalty has staunchly been to the people of Cradle, and they stay as far removed as politics as they can. They shun other Orders when collateral damage is involved, and have been known to arrest other Order priests or inquisitors. Their leader is the Eye of Contempt, a male gnome that goes by Sir Eye Zax N. Ewton. The Balance of Contempt is a mystery, but was recorded thousands of years ago as a greathammer.

Order of Corruption

One of the reasons the Truth has grown so much since the reign of Grand King Reeve is because of the Unified Truth. The name speaks, among other things, to the unification of Compassion, Corruption, and Deceit. The Order of Corruption is responsible for containing, stopping, and preventing any Calamities. They do so using a mobile and well equipped task force, the Calamity Security Response Force. Their members are identifiable by unique tokens. This task force is made up of campaigners who seek to throw themselves in front of the most powerful magics Galeria has to offer. They have high churn for obvious reasons. Their inquisitors are frontline adventurers, and their squires stay within Cradle to act as morticians and gravekeepers. Despite their extreme success and popularity, they are not without controversy. Their leader is a Half-elf that has not abandoned his Elven name, and stands by it while also avowing to the Truth. Many see this is a gross overstep, even & especially for a leader of an Order, and consider it heresy and treason. It’s too bad that he is also a Grand, which bolsters people’s worry and also their inability to act. He is Grand Beacon Lyrandrar. The Balance of Corruption is the Blade of Corruption.

Order of Cowardice

The Order of Cowardice is the main reason civilization and war can be sustained. They deal with food stuffs. Their specialty is using divine magic to conjure food and water. They also facilitate and coordinate all the farming, hunting, taverns, entertainment, gastronomy. Their inquisitors are community chefs, philanthropists, and high caliber bards. The leader is a female gnome, a chef whose feasts stave off anyone’s hunger for months. Lady Shield Trilina Kallador. The Balance of Cowardice is the Towershield of Cowardice.

Order of Deceit

The third piece to the success of the Unified Truth. The Order of Deceit is responsible as an informational network. Its Inquisitors are agents that roam around Galeria and inform home of any unusual happenings. Their information informs the movements of Corruption and Compassion. Together, they maintain a well-connected support network throughout Galeria. The Order of Deceit also doubles as national intelligence for Cradle, and their ties to Grand King Reeve have been brought into question multiple times. Those concerns may be voiced frequently, but they never garner any real public worry or traction. Their leader is Grand Fang Zada Killian. The Balance of Deceit is the Fans of Deceit

Order of Diligence

The Order of Diligence are the knowledge-keepers of the Truth. They maintain the libraries, operate the schools, and fund any research. Their research focuses on the theological and arcane. They also take care of any bureaucracy involved with the daily operations of Cradle and the Truth. They are the ones that “make sure you’ve filled out all your forms.” This includes managing the economy and treasury. Their inquisitors are state clerks, master librarians, and professors. They focus on one field of study and dedicate their lives towards understanding the topic. It’s unhealthy. The Order’s leader is Grand Director Audimar, a close friend to Grand King Reeve even prior to the King’s reign. The Balance of Diligence is the Quill of Diligence.

Order of Honesty

The Royal Order.

Prior to their royal standing, they were responsible for leading the armies both strategically and at the vanguard. When they returned from the successful Campaign of Unified Truth, they overthrew the previous King and instated themselves as the Royal Order.

Since then, the Order of Honesty’s main responsibility has been leading people, and the army. Anything to do with ruling is considered the domain of Honesty. Grand King Reeve is both the leader of Order of Honesty, dubbed the Flesh of Honesty, and the King of Cradle. As leader of the Royal Order, he controls all of the workings of the Truth. As the King of Cradle, he controls the people.

Inquisitor’s of Honesty are diplomats and ambassadors sent to settlements when they formally avow themselves to the Truth. The Balance of Honesty is the Armor of Honesty.

Order of Honor

Prior to the rise of Grand King Reeve, the Order of Honor was responsible for leading armies, be the vanguard, and also man Cradle’s wallguard. They were also a mobile contract-enforcement force outside of Cradle. Their inquisitors are veteran warriors and General-level tacticians. In present day, they serve as witnesses to contracts. Some inquisitors are strong enough to enforce their contracts should any participant wish to unduly void their contract. However, the reputation has been tarnished presently by the Grand King’s actions. Their leader is the Marshall of Honor, known to never have broken his word: Grand Marshall Ajax Kane. The Balance of Honor is the Greatsword of Honor

Order of Indifference

Once a thriving Order, they opposed Grand King Reeve during his uprising. When he succeeded, he gave them an ultimatum and a chance to make a choice. Now, there are only three members of the Order of Indifference. With no specific leader, they all call themselves inquisitors. They respond directly to Grand King Reeve, and while generally kept on a chain, are deployed for precision strikes. Their support is barely willing, and they are unaffectionately dubbed “the King’s third right hand” behind the Order of Loyalty. Although they only have three members, they are not disallowed from taking on preachers, squires, or practitioners; they choose not to. The Balance of Indifference is the lost Longbow of Indifference

Order of Justice

The Order of Justice are responsible for dealing with criminals.

Inquisitors of Justice are beat cops, executioners, jailers, and also master bounty hunters. They are executions, jailers, and bounty hunters. They are often shunned by the other Orders for their brutality. Their instrumental involvement in the betrayal of the previous King is not forgotten. Many criminals continue to roam free. Their leader is the Baron Spear Tavia Baenora. The Balance of Justice is the Glaive of Justice.

Order of Loyalty

The Order of Loyalty is right hand to the Royal Order, the Order of Honesty, and Truth. The Order is responsible for transportation and most importantly, road construction to and between new external settlements. They enable trade and ensure the mobility of the common people. Inquisitors of Loyalty are direct servants to the King and Queen, may they be advisors, maids, or jesters. The leader of the Order is dubbed the Foundation of Loyalty, the Grand Queen Imani Reeve. The Balance of Loyalty is the Staff of Loyalty.

Order of Treachery

Jovially named the Order of Order, the Order of Treachery is responsible for administering and ruling on trials. Their inquisitors are judges and lawyers. Similar to Contempt, they remove themselves from politics. However, that has become difficult in the recent times of Grand King Reeve’s overzealous edicts. Their leader is Grand Dagger Kathva Redlin, a woman with a fierce sense of justice and no restraint to enforce it. The Balance of Treachery is the Greatsword of Treachery?.

Order of Valor

The Order of Valor is responsible for organized labor , trade, and representation of the common people. They will have information about any laborers in Locations#Cradle, such as blacksmiths, tailors, town cryers, etc. Their Inquisitors are well-connected and swiftly traveling merchants that can be found all around Galeria. Recently, they clashed with the Order of Honesty and Grand King Reeve over some strict regulations & handling of the people. The Order of Valor’s Grand, a gnome by the name of Grand Grand, tolerated Grand King Reeve at best, and had enough. Shortly thereafter, an assassination attempt was carried out on Grand Grand. It failed, and the result was significant collateral damage. Grand Grand was labelled an exile, a traitor to Cradle, and Truthless.

He was replaced by Master Craftsman Maximillian Flanagan. Many of Valor’s practitioners doubt his legitimacy, believing him to be an Order of Honesty plant. The Balance of Valor is the Gloves of Valor.

Order of Vengeance

The Order of Vengeance is responsible for supporting infrastructure. That is street cleaning, sewage, water ways, gardening, etc. Their Inquisitors are aligned with other Orders as formal support. Their squires are used as sharable resources between the other Orders. They were particularly helpful to the Order of Valor when Grand Grand was exiled, and that has lead some people to question their legitimacy. So far they are nothing more than accusations and whispers. Their leader is a stalwart dwarf who will always lend a helping hand, and then some. The Bulwark of Vengeance, Sir Bulwark Albrek Strongforce. The Balance of Vengeance is unknown, but last recorded thousands of years ago as a siege tower.